Strangers with No Candy

The podcast where every guest is a total stranger.

Meet the Strangers

Nobody is comfortable talking to strangers. We avoid them, we look down silently on the train avoiding eye contact, we are told to fear them. But any stranger is just a person like us, experiencing the same world we live in—although in a different way, with a another perspective, in a different flavor. We can learn from everyone, and Strangers with No Candy takes you into the joyful experience of meeting people you never would in your life, people just like us, people just like you.
In this experimental spin-off of HOOMANS, Simone is joined by Cody to talk with a new, total stranger every week! A call center manager, a couple moving from Detroit to the Rocky Mountains, a survivor from a dangerous car accident. Each stranger shares their own experience so we won’t call each other strangers anymore.



Spots open up regularly. Shoot us an e-email using the form below, adding in your message in just one short sentence or two why you would make a great stranger. If you get contacted back, be ready to sign up and schedule your interview. At the end, we won’t be strangers anymore! 

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Simone Salis


Simone is the host and creator of Hoomans and Strangers With No Candy. He takes care of 99.9% of the production process, from writing to graphics, from audio editing to coding for the website. He is also senior correspondent for Comedy Central Italy and content creator and host for Discovery Networks International.

Cody Dillard


Comedy writer and performer, Cody joins Simone to interview strangers every week. On stage at the iO Theater Chicago and working one his other project: “”.


Hi, I'm Simone, host and creator of Hoomans. Publishing new episodes, coding, editing, and reaching amazing guests takes me hundreds of hours each month. Hoomans stays free thanks to your support: if you feel inspired by reading and listening to great stories and amazing guests regularly, you can express your love now by donating the equivalent of a coffee or a pizza.
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