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Simone Salis

Simone Salis

Host and Producer
Hello. I worked at RAI public radio in Italy since 2010 (first creating satire segments, then hosting original shows). I was senior correspondent for Comedy Central Italy's late night show, and I host another TV show on Discovery Channel's DMAX called "TG Lercio". I'm a Columbia College, The Second City, and iO Theater alumnus based in Chicago. Every segment and show I appear in, either TV or radio, is usually produced by me. I love editing, shooting, recording, writing, design, and photography. I also love talking to people, and I am convinced that sharing knowledge with each other is our way to compute and advance as a species—just like a big, empathic and emotional computer.

Also: thank you. Hosting this show is my passion and I only contact people who I feel lucky to have a chance to talk to. I realize that everyone is busy and having a little bit of their time is something I feel lucky for. Please let me know if my accent doesn't make something clear to understand. It's strong enough that when I ask Siri to add olive oil to the groceries list, she adds "Holy oil". Or maybe she's just being passive aggressive. Feel free to add me on the social media profiles below!
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