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Luca Badetti L'Arche Chicago Disability Studies
Dr. Luca Badetti tries to embrace both abilities and inabilities, arguing that this is an important way to become more complete and connected human beings: by encountering disability.
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David Dewane Architect Mouse Book Club Kickstarter Hoomans
David Dewane is an architect and journalist working to create a better world through design and social change. He founded The Mouse Book Club.
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Charna Halpern iO Theater Chicago Improv Hoomans
Ms. Halpern mentored comedy legends like Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler, and Cecily Strong—while building a comedy empire with her iO Theater, home of ‘The Harold’, the improv format she created with Del Close.
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Kelly Leonard podcast yes and second city wgn
“Executive Director of Insights and Applied Improvisation” at the iconic theater The Second City, Kelly Leonard is an improviser performing exclusively off-stage. He applies the constructive principles behind improvisational theater in business and everyday life.
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Jonathan Mayo Cleaning Closets Coming Out Artist
Artist and creator of Cleaning Closets, Mr. Mayo’s built an oral history project collecting and sharing true coming out stories both from the perspective of LGBTQ people as well as the family and friends they come out to.
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Mineko Okamura Space Channel 5 VR Grounding Simone Salis Hoomans
Okamura-san is the CEO of Grounding, an independent video-game company based in Japan that developed the VR sequel to one of SEGA’s most successful and bizarre games ever: Space Channel 5.
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Dominic Pacyga Chicago History
Chicago historian and professor at Columbia College and University of Chicago, Dominic Pacyga is also the author of ‘Chicago: A Biography”, inviting you to visit the South Side of the “Most American City”.
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David Pasquesi iO TJ&Dave Chicago Simone SalisActor from Veep, Groundhog Day, Angels and Demons—and improviser from the iconic theater The Second City—Mr. Pasquesi explains how he practices the art of paying attention to the moment, both on stage and in life.
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Cathy Pearl Google Conversational Design Voice User Interfaces Design
Conversational Designer and author of “Designing Voice User Interfaces”, Cathy Pearl is a Silicon Valley expert with over 2 decades of experience in creating computers with a voice—just like Alexa, Siri, and more.
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Jason Rohrer, creator of One Hour One Life, Passage, Immortality – Watch on Youtube and Twitch
Can video games be art? Jason Rohrer discusses his latest creation (One Hour One Life), work, and life as an independent artist and developer using video games as the artistic medium. His early creation “Passage” is part of the New York’s MoMA permanent collection.
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Jack Vidra Barebacked Matthew Bosch Twitter Liam Knox Boomer Banks interview porn star Gourmet chef and porn star with a military background, Jack Vidra is a model working in the adult entertainment industry nominated as Best Newcomer for the 2017 Grabby Awards, celebrating the adult erotic video industry. Listen Now
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